What Happens Here

Sound Builds your base.


01Beautiful Studio

Our studios run the latest software and are always up to date. Need some analogue sound? We got em! With a wide arrangement of hardware synths we can provide any colour you like. We are located in SPEK Design Dok. Parking is free and the highway is next door!


02Feel the Sound

With 2 audio sets ready to go we can provide you with on location audio. Features films, documentaries, voice-overs, ENG, we record them all! Visit our portfolio to see and hear what we can record and design at your preferences.


03Full Service

Over 10 years of experience has taught us a lot of tricks and trades of the game. With this experience we can provide you with everything you like. From full surround mixes and EBU r-128 exports. To DCP’s, Web and TV exports. We can provide them all. Have a special request? We are happy to hear from you.

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Try the best Sound in the city

With over 12 years of experience in sound design and recording, you should try us out! Come visit us at our studio for some casual drinks or coffee!

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